About Us

About Us

With the name of “Barbus Machinery”, we’re taking a step forward. Our company started business in 2008 with a team of qualified personnel and engineers for hiring purposes. Barbus Machinery, with a new perspective, provides worldwide services to the machinery import and export sector. Our services, including the sale of metal detectors integrated into textile thread facilities for safety and quality purposes and the purchase and sale of second-hand textile machinery, are all conducted with our company’s guarantee. Additionally, our experienced engineer team, consisting of 15 people, provides domestically and internationally qualified personnel to be hired for repairs and for your needs during the machinery assembly process.  The wide range of customers all around the world allows you to realize that your machinery purchase and sale will be processed quickly and easily. We will be happy to be your solution partner in developing and improving your company with our qualified personnel.

BARBUS MACHINERY, the right choice for a safe and high-quality service.


To help our customers realize their projects to create added value and maintain maximum productivity, to provide coordination between the machinery producers and the end users, qualified personnel hiring and consultancy services


To improve the services we have been providing to the textile sector for more than 30 years, offering the best alternatives for the investors and reinforcing our position in the sector thanks to our experienced staff


In order to provide the best services to Barbus Machinery customers, we have created an expert team. Providing consultancy services to our customers along with all other services is the primary indicator of our high-quality.


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About our machines and services, please contact us for detailed information.